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Tall Companion Palette with 8 Petite Palettes

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Purchase a set of 8 Petite Palettes and MYO's Tall Companion Palette to create a very versatile, all-rounder palette. Petite Palettes, made of 35% PCR, are great on their own, take up minimal space and yet each pan holds sufficient product for multiple makeup applications. Travel lightly without compromising on the variety of products that you carry in your kit.

Each Petite Palette comes with:

  • 6 mini pans
  • 1 magnetic steel sticker

The MYO Companion Palette is the perfect palette to organise, store, and access your makeup products in one streamlined, lightweight magnetic case.

Dimensions of Tall Companion Palette: L 17.2 x W 11.4 x D 1.2 CM

Clean with soap and water. DO NOT spray the hinge or lid with alcohol or other cosmetic sanitizers.