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Wholesale Partnership

Thank you for your interest in the products that we range at BeauDazzled.

We pride ourselves on bringing unique, top quality, high performing, and cruelty-free brands to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and in other parts of the world. Our commitment and passion goes further, though.

We love to bring these brands to our business partners through our Wholesale Partnership Program, available for businesses based in Australia and New Zealand. Through our Wholesale Partnerships, we offer a selection of unique, innovative products and brands not only directly to consumers but also to other businesses including but not limited to beauty academies/colleges, beauty salons and spas and other retailers across both countries. We take the view that a collective of customers across multiple businesses represents a much larger opportunity to accelerate the growth of brands that are unique and not always easily accessible to customers in our home and neighbouring country New Zealand.

The brands that we choose are fast changing the market place and transforming the way we perceive and create beauty, with the creators being at the forefront of innovation. The goal is simple: To give everyone the option to make better choices with innovative, high performing, and cruelty-free beauty products.

We always look to expand our network. We want to partner with you; we want to talk about marketing, promotions and sell-through. And, we want to support you to ensure you have the tools, the information, the knowledge about these brands to successfully sell your newly acquired products.

Available Brands

  • Cozzette Beauty
  • Danessa Myricks Beauty
  • Gállány Cosmetics
  • Girlactik Beauty
  • Kia-Charlotta
  • LA Splash Cosmetics
  • MAAZ Haircare
  • Nanshy
  • OFRA Cosmetics
  • Pure Argan Co


Wholesale discounts range from 20% to 40%. Further details will be disclosed upon approval of your application.


If you would like to partner with BeauDazzled and range a selection of our brands in your business, please complete and submit the form below; upon receipt, we will email you our New Business Application. If successful and, provided you agree to our Wholesale Terms & Conditions, we will set up your Wholesale account.