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T.W.O.K. London


T.W.O.K. - The Woman Of Kolor - is a London based cosmetics company offering a wide range of awesome products for women of colour. These products are innovative, inclusive, trendy, safe and of the highest quality.

Founded by a pharmacist and a mother of two sets of little twins in 2016, T.W.O.K. London loves to collaborate with other brands and makeup artists in the celebration of diversity and empowering others.

T.W.O.K. believes make up is more than just coloured paint on your face, it’s a powerful accessory, well-being enhancer and personality courier. Everyone, regardless of their skin tone, ethnicity, shade, colour or texture should have convenient access to products that enable them to celebrate their identity, without the need to break the bank.

T.W.O.K. is all about real people expressing themselves unapologetically - Talk It - Walk It - Own It - Kill It.