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Ameera London


Ameera London has become an international brand which is recognised worldwide. Its products are stocked everywhere from London all the way to the Middle East. A trip to the ancient city of Meknes, Morocco inspired the creation of this organic beauty brand. The brand's founder, Nabil Abbaze, has shared the ancient Berber secret to achieving flawless skin, luxurious hair and immaculate eyelashes with households across the globe which has led Ameera London to be featured in the most read and credible magazines in the beauty industry, including: Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Taller and Brides.

Ameera London strives to ensure that all its products are organic, free of artificial fragrances, colours, SLS or parabens. Transparency, environmental awareness and ethicality are at the heart of Ameera London. The company ensures the women of the Argan forest are fairly paid for their work, providing additional financial support and regularly donating clothing to the children of this vast rural community.

Ameera London's Golden Values
"Natural beauty is something that we believe all of you possess. Not only do we introduce the ancient secrets of the enchanting Moroccan culture, but also an inspiration to women, regardless of their age or background. We hope that the solidarity and encouragement we transmit towards you serves as a backbone to the empowerment we believe each and everyone of you deserve."